Doors Make the Difference

Sustainably manufactured in the United States

Just What You Want

Let’s cut to the chase: At IHS Door Company we do one thing, and we do it really well. We make MDF stile and rail doors. Quality interior doors, for home or commercial use. And in a myriad of options: sticking, panels, glass, size, whatever a customer wants.

That’s STILEChoice®. Doors made right, to your design specs, and delivered quickly.

But it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Our doors are built to the highest construction standards, yet priced very competitively for a simple reason: This is all we make. We’re invested in delivering precisely what a customer needs, not in costly inventory, marketing, or other overhead. The only thing we pass on to you is an exceptional door, made to your order.

Why should it be any more complicated?

We keep it simple.

Yes, we are all about choice and because we only make MDF stile and rail passage doors, we can be efficient, adaptive, and responsive to your needs. Big enough to do the job, small enough that we still hang our hat on personalized customer service.

We understand that our customers (and their customers) have a lot on their plates. STILEChoice® products are as straightforward or as versatile as required. Regardless, we’ll work with you to make decision-making simple, and ordering easy.

We are fast. Especially at fulfilling what others might consider custom work. We’ll deliver exactly what you need with reasonably short lead time.

With STILEChoice® doors, delivered right and delivered quickly, you’ll be set to go. Our products are shipped pre-primed and warrantied for two years against factory defects. We guarantee you’ll appreciate the ease and quality of the final result.